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Paid traffic methods are generally much quicker and easier than free traffic methods. Nobody these days wants to actually WAIT for results. People want to see money in the bank ASAP. And that’s what paid traffic can do for you. For example, you can easily send traffic to your website by “renting” somebody else’s email subscriber list for a day. This is called an email “solo ad.” You pay the list owner a fee and they blast out your email message (ad) to their subscribers. Simple as that! There is no magic to it at all. You just give them your ad – an email message that talks about the benefits of your website offer and includes a link to your website. You pay whatever fee you agreed on (and you can often negotiate for discounts and bargains). And they send your message out on the day you schedule it. We have lots of places to run solo ads here inside the directory.

Banner ads are another example – you know, those square or rectangular “image ads” that you see on websites and blogs all across the web? You simple contact website or blog owners who offer banner advertising on their sites, pay a fee, and they post your banner ad on one or more of their pages. They of course link the banner ad to your website so that when their visitors click on your ad, they are transferred to your website. So generally, when doing a banner ad you can send the website owner your banner ad (image) as an email attachment, give them your website link, and pay your fee for the banner ad placement by Paypal (or whatever). Again, how easy is that? Getting traffic online is easy. But you want to be smart about it as follows: Don’t go hog wild and spend a bunch of money on your first try. Invest smaller amounts – always within your budget – and test whatever particular traffic source you’re using before you “go big.”

Free traffic methods work too, and I’ve listed PLENTY of them here. But they generally take more time and effort before you start reaching the results you are hoping for. The hardest part of using free traffic methods is having the patience to allow things to build. For example, starting your own blog can be rewarding, but you have to post articles and content regularly, and wait for it to get picked up by the search engines so that you can start getting free traffic. This can take weeks or even months before you’re getting a decent amount of visitors. Your blog content should be quality, unique content that people actually want to read and even link to from their own blogs or websites. The nice thing about a blog, though, is that you’re building something with value beyond just getting search engine traffic. You’re building an online property that you can LEVERAGE to get other types of free traffic as well. For example, once you have a blog, you can offer to swap banner ads with other blog owners. You can offer to run a “guest article” with other bloggers related to your niche, if they’ll run your article on their blog (and obviously you’d put a link back to your website somewhere in the article).

Hybrid marketing is probably the best option of all. Here’s an example: You use PAID advertising methods to quickly promote your website and build a list of subscribers. And then you do free AD SWAPS with other list owners, where you run their message (ad) to your list, and they run your message to their list. Or going back to the blog example, you pay quality writers to write articles for your blog – and I mean really good stuff that people will enjoy reading. You brand yourself as an expert on your topic, get blog followers, and then you use that paid investment to start doing banner ad swaps or article swaps as mentioned. Be creative! There are many ways that you can build up your online assets by using paid methods up front, and then LEVERAGE those assets to get additional free advertising.

By the way, it’s a very good idea to track your results. You can use an ad tracker for this purpose. Here’s how it works: You create an ad tracking account, submit your website link (the link you are promoting and sending traffic to), and the ad tracker “spits out” a tracking link to use IN PLACE OF your direct website link. So you end up promoting the ad tracking link instead of directly promoting your website link. And then the ad tracker can “see” how many people have clicked on your link to visit your website. This helps you determine which traffic sources are the best buy for your money (in the case of paid traffic) or which are the best investment of your time (in the case of free traffic). Here’s a decent FREE ad tracker that I personally use:

One final thing: All traffic is not created equal! There is no possible way that we could test a majority of all the traffic sources listed here. There are ultimately thousands of places to place ads for your website(s) and offer(s) here. Some of them are going to produce less than satisfactory results. I guarantee it. But I also guarantee that many of them are going to be absolutely amazing sources of money making traffic. That’s why you have to keep moving forward and compile your own “mini list” of the traffic methods that YOU like and that work well for YOU (from amongst this massive directory). Remember, test small and then go big after you find what works. This is not rocket science! Send traffic to a good offer + Keep doing it and don’t stop = You will make money online!

Well enough said! Time for you to start placing ads and MAKING MONEY!…

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