Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media Marketing

Everyone wants their brand presence felt on social media platforms. If you make mistakes in your social media marketing your revenue and your followers will drop. Algorithms and ad targeting capabilities change constantly. Like that while doing SEO for ecommerce development or any other business, the strategies used by the experts whether individuals or any SEO agency, leads to some considerable results for the business. You will maximize your opportunities if you follow a strategic approach. When it comes to social media you have to plan, manage and optimize.


1. Not defining your goals: Without a goal you cannot succeed in social media marketing. Build on your presence. Do not let it dwindle. Know your goals and strive to meet them. Have goals such as increase engagement, increase leads from social, improve reach, increase website visits from social etc.

2. Over automation: Add a human touch when posting on social media. Reply messages with personal addresses. Building relationship is important for every business. Do not let your social media be on autopilot. Listen and have conversations on social media. A social media marketer should speak in user-friendly terms. Avoid language only understood by professionals and your colleagues. According to Nicholas Kusmich, “Too many brands try to sell what they are selling, rather than using social to create relationships, offer value and generation leads”. Build a meaningful customer experience.

3. Not having a plan: If you do not have a plan you cannot merge your campaign to your goal.

4. Dismissing social media: Social media is a great marketing tool. If you neglect social media marketing you will be shooting yourself in the foot.

5. Wrong audience: Do not engage in social media marketing to the wrong audience. Do not aim in the dark. Know your audience demography, their average income, hobbies, challenges, the industry they work etc.

6. Forgetting basics: Social media marketers should not forget the basics. According to Cassie Roma, “The best thing you can do with social media is to concentrate on the basics. If you get audience message, creative and timing right, you’ll be doing better than most”.

7. Marketing on too many platforms: Do not stretch yourself too thin. You do not need to engage in social media marketing on all platforms. Successfully engage your followers. Have a target audience. Know the best social media platform for your business. Focus on one or two social media platforms unless you have a dedicated social media team.

8. No analytics: Without actionable insight your social media marketing campaign is dead. Always track and analyze your performance and traffic.

9. Marketing on the wrong platform: Do not target your audience on the wrong platform.

10. Hashtag abuse: Many brands do not know how to use hashtag’s for marketing. To brand a hashtag put your organization’s name in the same post with the hashtag. Use capitalization for your hashtags. According to Bryan Kramer, “Don’t use hashtags on platforms that don’t use hashtags.

11. No diversity: Diversify your content. Increase followers’ engagement. Do not always post the same thing.

12. Wrong focus: Do not focus on building your followers on social media alone. Build your blog and email list. Have a website.

13. No customer service: Customer service aids in retaining customers. Brands must work on their customer service to create exceptional customer experience.

14. Low value content: Posting low value content affects social media marketing as it is ignored by followers.

15. Negative feedback: Some brands do not handle negative feedback very well. See negative feedbacks as opportunities to improve. Negative feedback helps you understand your brand or products shortcoming. Engage negative feedback early. Do not ignore negative feedbacks.

16. Over thinking: Choosing not to try something because of failure is a mistake often made in social media marketing. Having a quest for perfection will also affect your marketing. According to Chloe DiVita, “Bringing people along with you while you test out different things will help you create a real connection to them”.

17. Ignoring reviews: Engage your audience. If you do not use feedbacks and engagement you may fail. You can get ideas from your customers. Ignoring reviews is a big social media fail. 90% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of consumers trust online reviews.

18. Lack of interaction: Lack of conversation with your followers decreases your social presence.

19. Wrong data: Test everything. There is more than one way to success.

20. Not having a social media team: Get skilled people as your social media team if you are not knowledgeable about social media marketing.

21. Too promotional: If you are too promotional you will lose likes and followers. Many people do not like promotional content and adverts. Be subtle in your promotion.

22. Not investing in video: Join the bandwagon. Use videos to boost your reach. Use relevant and quality videos for your social media marketing.

23. Wrong metrics: Target followers interested in your marketing message. Do not be fooled into thinking that fans on social media sites are return on investment. If your fans on your social media sites are not engaging your message then you are wasting your time.

24. Spamming: Posting spammy links is bad. Avoid broadcasts.

25. No paid advertising: Buy ads on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

26. Not outlining a social media policy: Have a social media policy so as not to tarnish your reputation.

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