Is The Residual Income Code A Scam?

residual income codeIs The Residual Income Code A Scam?

There has been a lot of chatter lately online about The Residual Income Code. So I am gonna lay out what I know about The Residual Income Code in this Residual Income Code Review. Hopefully this review will help you to determine if it is a system that is right for you and your goals.

So why is it getting so much attention?

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So, just exactly what is The Residual Income Code?

The “Residual Income Code” is an affiliate marketing system. It offers users a free marketing funnel, which they can use to earn multiple streams of commissions through several different affiliate programs and services.

residual income codeJon Moss is the creator and owner of the system. He is a husband, a stay at home dad, a coach, an entrepreneur and now a system creator.

So, What’s inside The Residual Income Code?

The affiliate programs inside are not actually created by The Residual Income Code opportunity itself, except for one, which is also created by Jon Moss.

However, they are all part of the step by step funnel that your prospects will go through and have to purchase as well to become affiliates.

Once they purchase these programs, you will earn commissions from the sales.

The affiliate products that are offered within The Residual Income Code are listed below.

Engagely ā€“ Engagley is also created by Jon Moss himself, and is a lower cost affiliate program that you can jump into and teaches you how to market on Facebook for free without using spammy tactics in Facebook groups. This the main product inside The Residual Income Code.

Aweber ā€“ You do need to purchase Aweber in order to earn from the sales funnel that your prospects will go through. All you have to do is join the Aweber affiliate program which is 100% free. Aweber is an autoresponder that will send automatic emails and broadcast emails to your subscribers that you have within Aweber is you have a member account there. As long as you are an Aweber affiliate you will earn commissions whenever anyone signs up for an autoresponder account from your link.

Online Sales Pro ā€“ Online Sales Pro is a high quality affiliate program that you will need to purchase in order to earn commissions from. Online Sales Pro offers you the ability to create custom capture pages for any program or product that you want to promote.

Easy 1 UP ā€“ Easy 1 UP a high ticket affiliate program that has an affiliate pass up compensation plan. This program has several high quality courses which teach you additional ways to market your business online.

Like was mentioned before, most the products inside The Residual Income Code are not created by the program itself.

Is The Residual Income Code A Scam?

The system is not a scam since it is free to join.

The system is a free funnel to promote other programs that you can earn money with.

How Much Does The Residual Income Code Cost To Join?

The program is free to join.

You will need choose which of the affiliate programs inside you wish to earn commissions from and join those in order to earn commissions with them.

My Personal Thoughts About The Residual Income Code.

Personally, I believe this is a great system to join to promote several affiliate programs. It is a very newbie friendly system.

There is no risk to join, but you will need to sign up for some of the programs listed in the marketing systems back office in order for you to earn commissions.

The system is not a scam, it is a tool designed to help you promote other affiliate programs.

Click here to join The Residual Income Code for free.


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