8 Ways To Use Giveaways To Build Your Email List

giveaways to build your email listUsing giveaways to build your email list can be a very quick way to do so. Because you are offering people something for free in return for their email address. The important thing about a giveaway is that it should be useful, valuable and of at least equal quality as your products or services.

When you create your free gift, you can’t be creating a separate gift for each person who subscribes. You only want to produce it once, so that it can be used again and again. Until eventually over time, you may create another giveaway.

Here are 8 ways you can use giveaways to build your email list.

1. Giveaway eBooks

eBooks are probably the most popular item that many people giveaway in exchange for someones email list, particularly if you use one that you usually sell. If it’s something you ordinarily sell on your website, then your visitor will be motivated to get the free item.

A good example of using an eBook giveaways to build your email list is my Facebook Domination eBook. A highly informative, educational and value packed eBook all about how to do Facebook marketing.

2. Giveaway Software

Giving away software is another really great free gift for “giveaways to build your email list”. These can be downloadable tools, software, plugins, or apps that are useful for your audience. These works best if the giveaway is something your audience can use in conjunction with your products or services.

3. Giveaway Reports

A report is just a short eBook that is based on dealing with one problem, instead of an overall “how to” like an eBook. For instance, if you had a website about losing weight, you could offer a free calorie count check sheet or food substitution list for your audience to use.

4. Giveaway Coupons

Coupons are also nice for giveaways to build your email list. People love receiving discount coupons, so if you can offer your visitors a coupon code for signing up for your email list that would be pretty cool.

But don’t offer too much of a discount on your products, because that devalues what you do, and you worked oo hard on them to be giving them away.

5. Giveaway Videos

Delivering a video training course as a giveaway is a great way to reuse videos that you’ve already made. Just load them up to supply to the people who sign up for your list. Or create a new video full of massive value on specific problem within your niche. Upload it to YouTube as unlisted, and make it only avaulable to subscribers.

One of the best things about this is that videos cost you nothing to make. This makes video cost efficient for giveaways to build your email list.

6. Giveaway Checklists and Cheat Sheets

Checklists or cheat sheets that you’ve created especially for your audience are a great giveaways to build your email list.

7. Giveaway Charts

Depending on your market, there are all kinds of charts you can offer your audience as well.

8. Giveaway Packages

Putting together a collection of all of the above would be excllent giveaways to build your email list. A giveaway, for example, of an eBook, video, cheat sheet and coupon is a very attractive offer for new subscribers. This is a great way to give them a typical sample of your products and services.

Remember, poor marketing can’t even sell a great product, but great marketing can sell almost anything. I hope this list of 8 ways you can use giveaways to build your email list has brough you value.


Michael Burns

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