5 SEO Strategies That Will TANK Your Website

SEO has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Strategies that were amazingly popular and effective in the early 2000s are simply disastrous now. Search engines have evolved tremendously. Their algorithms are getting better and better at discovering bad websites filled with duplicate and irrelevant content.

Surprisingly, these already obsolete SEO techniques and strategies are still popular among many people.

Let’s take a look at 5 SEO strategies that will TANK your website … Try to avoid them at any cost:

Keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing was pure magic until the early 2000s. Today though, this technique is literally a massive red flag in the eyes of Google, and your website will be instantly banned and deindexed from the search engine.

It’s hard to believe that some people still do it.

Think about this: a website selling vitamins would be something like: “the best vitamins here; we only have vitsmins, get your vitamins here, we are all about vitamins” – all in a sentence. It’s a major no, no.

Duplicate content.

Google hates duplicate content and will love to let you know that. Duplicate content, however, is tricky. For instance, if you are the original creator of the content, and other websites copy the content (with a citation), you are good to go. However, if Google sees that your content is not the original copy, your website will be penalized. You may even get your website deindexed for it.

URL hijacking and typosquatting.

Making typos is only human, right? Well,

Google can detect when typos are not entirely human error. When you hijack a URL, you are essentially building a website around a typo. Creating domains built on similar reputed brands, such as facebokk.com instead of facebook.com will get you penalized by Google instantly.

Shady redirects from expired domains.

Using the 301 redirect was working well at one time and, some people are still doing it. This action is penalized by Google and other search engines. Getting redirected to an old website, via an older one, and finally to your website is also an SEO tactic that will get you delisted and banned fast.

Content automation.

Content automation, will get you into a lot of trouble with Google. This technique is used to create “ready to publish” content, filled with spun articles, images, headings, alignments, etc. Not only is this tactic unprofessional but these articles are more ofter barely readable and make noo sense to the reader.

What you do get is a website with a lot of unreadable content. Your website will experience rank loss and will get blackliste.

What you have to do, is to get good quality content, written for human beings, not for search engines. You can’t fool Google. If you think you can, you are wrong.

If you can not come up with content fast enough for your needs there are a few things that you can do.

1. Go to fiverr.com and outsource it. There are plenty of people out there that would be happy to write you an article or 2 for $ or $10.

2. You could try allowing other peole to have authers accounts on your blog and let them post their content on your website also. Make sure they write content that will match your niche.

Michael Burns

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