4 SEO Trends Predicted To Dominate In 2018

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of any Digital Marketing strategy. All the websites rank in Google through seamless SEO techniques. If not done properly, then the website may lose its search engine presence, and you loss u to 90% of your website traffic.

The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to learn the new SEO strategies at a faster pace than your cometitors. The application of innovative SEO techniques will help your website to be on the top search pages of Google and other search engines.

Here are 4 SEO trends predicted to dominate in 2018.

Develop better SEO ranking with Link Building

Link building from the popular websites in your niche will help you to improve your SEO score and your search engine rankings. This is a proven and powerful SEO technique and will continue to dominate SEO in the year 2018.

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Once search engines have crawled pages on the web linking to your website, they can extract the content of those pages and add it to their indexes. In this way, they can decide if they feel your page is of sufficient quality to be ranked well for relevant keywords

Concentrating on Visual Contents

The Google search of images and videos will witness a wider importance. Many websites and social media sites are using the visual or the video content. This is because of the advancements in the newer techniques by Google and high Internet speed. The SEO experts are also relying on the videos and image searches as to increase the global reach.

Mobile Optimization

Most of the companies lose their visitors because of low loading speed of the web pages. About 57% of the web page traffic comes from the mobile devices. The use of Accelerated Mobile Pages will help in multiplying the loading speed to four times that will eventually lead to 35% increased user interaction in 2018. The SEO result can also become better if the companies are concentrating on the SEO optimization technique of the smartphones. To get an increased visibility, choose the keywords according to the searches of smart gadgets with the help of Local SEO.

Focus on Voice Searches

With Google Voice and Siri, the voice search has become easier and more convenient for many users who do not like typing. The voice recognition software is becoming reliable because they can understand normal human speech. Here, the SEO experts need to search out keywords or phrases which can be said aloud and will make the search easy for users. The SEO strategy used in the year 2018 will focus on the conversational sentences and terms.

To sum up, the above stated SEO strategies will help the companies as well as users to make their searches faster and find what they are looking for easily. This can only be done with the help of top notch and latest SEO strategies.

Michael Burns

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