3 Ways To Drive Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website

There is not one person who does online business that doesn’t want a lot of targeted traffic going to their online offer or website. The more targeted traffic you have, the more the money you stand to make.

There are two basic kinds of website traffic: paid and free. Using the paid method you need to spend money by placing ads on search engines and websites.

The cool thing with the paid traffic methods is that you get almost instant results and you get people that might be interested in your product or service. The flaw is that you have to spend money to get the traffic. If you don’t have money, you have no other way out other than to use the free traffic methods.

There are many ways in which you can drive free targeted traffic to your website. Some of these ways include:

Getting your site to the top of the search engine results.

Here you need to use SEO to rank your site at the top of the search engine results pages. Studies show that up to 80% of people still use search engines to find the products and services that they are looking for. This means that if you properly optimize your site and it appears at the top of search engine results, you stand to drive a lot of targted traffic to your site.

Ways of increasing the search engine ranking of your website, and thus your targeted traffic include: creating stellar content, building back links, increasing the amount od cocial sharing of your content which gives your website great social signals.

While SEO is cheap and a great way of driving free targeted traffic to your site, it usually takes a great deal of time to deliver results. In some cases, it takes up to 6 months before you start seeing results.

Take advantage of social media networks.

Social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others provide you with a great opportunity to drive free targeted traffic to your website.

All you need to do is create a group and invite people to join it. You should regularly post valuable information to attract more people into the goup. In addition to creating your group, you should also contribute to other groups. Your contributions shouldn’t simply be pasting of a link back to your site. You should give value to the groups you are involved in and only offer a link when it’s asked for.

Contribute to high traffic websites.

One of the easiest ways of getting targeted traffic to your site is from other high traffic sites. All you need to do is contribute content to these sites. You can write a guest post and have it published on the high traffic websites. You can also create a high-quality video and upload it on YouTube. In addition to this giving you valuable links, it also helps you get a steady flow of free targeted traffic to your website.

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