3 Tips To Get Started With List Building

This article contains 3 tips to get started with list building.

Online marketers cannot ignore the importance of building an email list. List building has proven to be the most powerful business building method online for many years and still is today. An email list consists of people who have willingly given their email addresses so that they can receive information by email from you.

If you look at any of the successful online marketers, you will notice that they all have email lists of thousands of subscribers. Do you realize how powerful this can be? Imagine being able to send your message instantly to thousands of people spread across the world! That is the power of list building and email marketing.

It takes time to build a profitable email list. For this reason you, will find most of the top marketers focus 70% or more of their marketing efforts on list building. You should have noticed just on this blog that there are several places you, or someone else could sumbit their email address. It could be the opt in form in the side bar, the exit pop up, or any number of the opt in or squeeze pages linked to from this bog. A lot of effort goes into list building on this website, because I am aware of how important it is.

There are many ways to build your own opt-in list. Let us discuss a few ways to do list building below.

1. Offer something of immense value – If you want people to give your their email addresses then you have to give them a big enough reason for doing so. Most bloggers give away a free eBook or software in order to entice people to join their email list. They place an opt-in form on their blog where people enter their names and email addresses in order to be able to download the free eBook or software.

If you want a lot of people to join your email list, make sure to give away something valuable which people will love to get their hands on. If your freebie offer is not exciting enough you won’t find many takers for it.

2. Give people several reasons to sign up – If you want to convince more and more people to join your list you should try to give them several reasons for doing so. If possible, write a blog post mentioning several different reasons why people should sign up.

The more reasons you can give the better.

3. Leverage social media – Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others, you can get tons of free traffic and add thousands of interested subscribers to your list. To effectively leverage the power of social media you should actively participate at these sites and share lot of useful information related to your niche. You should not promote only your offers but share other useful content as well which your niche readers may find useful.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it useful. If you are ready to start your own list building efforts, you first need an autoresponder to manage your emails. I prefer Aweber, but there are many service you could choose from to get started with list building.

Michael Burns

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