3 Quick Tips To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Any business can only be built as tall as the foundation is deep. So building quality targeted free traffic over time is a solid strategy, and will provide you with the best quality traffic in the long run. The next best traffic as far as quality goes is paid traffic that you can target to specific audiences. I’m referring to paid traffic from places such as Facebook ads, Bing ads, etc. The problem that paid advertising is that it only continues coming as long as you keep paying.

Try to find different ways to get easy, free and consistent targeted traffic to your website or blog, and in the end every trickle of traffic from many sources will amount to enough traffic to build your list and your business.

Blogging is still one of the very best long term free traffic strategies in my personal opinion and experience.

However, I’ll be giving you 3 quick tips to get free traffic to your website below.

Using YouTube to get free traffic

Video Marketing is, hands down, one of the best free ways to get traffic to your website. Experts are saying that by the end of 2020, that over 80% of all internet traffic will be driven from video. If you own a cellphone, you can start recording tips to help people find a solution to their problems and upload it to YouTube and in return they will visit your website to learn more about you, view more videos and possibly subscribe to your channel.

If you are camera shy, you can make a PowerPoint video or do a screen share. Show your viewers tips on how to do things that people are searching for in the search engines. When your video comes up in Google you will get tons of traffic to your site and build your business.

Make sure you SEO your videos to get better rankings, views and conversions. You can learn to do SEO on your YouTube videos here.

Using Facebook groups to get traffic to your site

Facebook is one of the major players in the industry and people are using it on a daily basis. You too can use Facebook to get traffic to your site for free. What you do is you Join Facebook and go find a group related to your niche. Then start posting useful and valuable tips on how to solve the problems that these people have. One word of caution however, don’t spam the group!

Egage with the other users of thse groups and help solve their problems.

There are many other great ways aside from Facebook groups to use Facebook to increase your website traffic. You can take this course here to learn how to use Facebook like a pro to get traffic to your website.

Using Pinterest to get free traffic

If you have not already signed up for an account then sign for a free account and create a board around your niche. Pinterest is all about images therefore you will want to create images that people can click through to your website.

Get in the conversation on Pinterest: Pin good, original and relevant content consistently so your pins get re-pinned often. By following people some of them will return the favour and start following you as well and visit your site. Like, comment and re-Pin your follower’s Pins if you like them and in return they will do the same for you.

I hope these 3 quick tips to get free traffic to your website will help you to get free traffic to your website or blog. There are many, many different ways to get traffic but you have to start with a few then keep adding more and more and eventually you will have a flood of traffic to your site.

You can get many more traffic tips in my Traffic Academy Facebook group. 🙂

Michael Burns

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