Why most people fail at MLM and Internet marketing

Not Being seen as an authority is the number 1 reason why most people fail at mlm and internet marketing and is an essential quality needed to construct a growing and successful company.

But why is that? What is the element that separetes those who are failing from those who are succeeding in network marketing? The answer is something no one tells you about when you start in the industry, almost like a the best kept secret.

The answer is this: influence. The degree of influence is what separates the success stories from the failures.

What Is Influence?

Here’s the definition of influence: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Here’s an exemple that I want you to think about that will prove to you the importance of influence factor. If Oprah called you right now and told you that she is starting a new project, would like you to join in, what would be your answer? Most of us would say “yes!” right away without even knowing what the project was about or what we would do in it. Why is that? Because of Oprah’s degree of influence.

So not everyone has the same degree of influence on others which is why many fail on our industry, their level is low and that is even more so for the newbies in mlm.

The Effect In Network Marketing

Here’s the thing, people will only follow LEADERS so if you want to generate leads, know that lead generation is based on leadership. Until you position yourself as a leader, you will struggle in your network marketing business.

Here are the 3 reasons why people would follow you:

1. They feel you know something they don’t and/or they thing you know something they want to learn about.
2. They think you can get them somewhere they want to go but, they think they cannot do it buy themselves.
3. They think of you as someone they want to become.

This is why you would follow and say “yes” to someone like Oprah on anything they would ask, because that person fulfills the 3 reasons. So what you want is to become the “Oprah” of your niche in order to have success in your business.

Well is that even possible? Of course it is! Oprah, just like all the leaders you see accross the industry didn’t necessarily start as the “go to ” person everyone respects and loves today.

But first, they saw themselves as an authority and acted as such. Then, they gave so much value to others, gave so much value to their niche, to their market that in return, everyone saw them also as an authority, as a leader.

You see, until you start giving things of value to your market which means, answers to your markets most needed questions, until you make it about THEM not about YOU, you are not going to be seen, respected and thus get the results that the top leaders get.

That is just a fact. Look at them (Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Eric Worre, Diane Hochman, Cedrick Harris, Alvin Tims etc.) , observe what they do and you will this common tread: they give value which is why everyone likes and trust them. Because they have been doing that consistently, because they didn’t wait for everyone to recognize them as such but self-declare themself as such, gave value as such, they got the results we are all a witness of today.

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