What you ought to know about Amazon FBA vs Shopify Dropshipping

Want to own your own Amazon and Shopify E-commerce stores that generate me over 47,812 usd per month, but dont want to pay thousands for for all the tools and education?

Trust me, I get you.

E-commerce used to be a tough business.

First you needed to find a comprehensive course to learn everything or scout the web for incoherent instructions by dubious uncertified “instructors” or even worse

Going in “blind” wasting away thousands of dollars on trial by error..


(Finding your product/s,open your stores, finding the best and cost effective suppliers, import the right way.. etc)


You needed dozens of HEFTY priced tools to research keywords, narrow demographics, find non competitive niches and and and)

And THEN.. (!!)

as if it wasnt enough you needed to find a community were your questions would be answered by people that usually had no clue what they were talking about.

In SHORT: It used to be a long winded,costly and frustrating cookie clutter experience..

Not anymore. What if I told you you can get:

– 10 HOURS of in depth Video training on how to setup your own Amazon AND Shopify stores.. taught by “been there done that” tutors that own highly successful stores themselves! (not sold anywhere in this detail or combination as far as I know.. priceless)

– The Amazon Best Seller Finder Tool that tells you EXACTLY what is selling well right now and HOW many units are being sold so you can COPY PASTE the success easily ($499 usd value)

– The Amazon Product Tracker Tool, that lets you reverse engineer products right back to the supplier of the product on Alibaba or Aliexpress with a few clicks, so you outsmart the competition.. without any hussles. ($69 USD monthly)

– The Shopify Dropshipping Finder Tool. Dont want to buy any inventory? Sell straight from China with this tool that lets YOU find the cheapest suppliers for the best products. Start from scratch, no investment needed and UNLIMITED searchs! (Product sourcers usually ask between 50 -100 usd per inquiry!)

– The Amazon List Generator Tool will create your listing for the product in Amazon automatically with high converting, keyword rich titles and Bulletpoints to make your Amazon listings sell themselves on autopilot ($149 usd / Month)

– The Shopify Competitor Spy Tool lets you punch in a shop url see what they are selling, how much they sell , what price they sell it for and where they get it.. so you can beat them to the punch ($199 Value) and MANY more tools + beta developments..

Just look at these Testimonials!

All for.. “you wont believe it but its true” 1 (one) USD ?

I kid you not..

For a limited time only (as we are growing our community) you can access all of the above For ONE Dollar!

Own your Own Amazon Business and Shopify store business today! Click here…



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